Sis Tarabar International LLC
“Sis Tarabar International LLC” is RA registered company, which is one of the biggest international auto transportation companies operating in Caucasus region. With Euro-3 standard, up to 30 tonnage DAF XF trucks, we provide international auto transportation services for our partner organizations in European, Asian, NIS countries and within South Caucasus.
The maximum overall weight of the truck and any trailer is 14 ton, which allows carrying up to 22-24 ton cargo, not breaking tonnage restriction laws defined in some European and Asian countries.
Taking under consideration the political instability in Caucasus region, the company has made some agreements for alternative roads to implement cargo transportation into Europe and NIS countries even if Upper Lars and Poti port are closed.

In addition to transportation services the company also provides:
• Cargo insurance.
• Consultation on cargo transportation and customs clearance issues.
• Transportation expenses analysis and optimization.

The company’s vehicle park consists of:
• 44 Euro-3 standard, up to 30 tonnage DAF XF trucks
• 40 tent trailers- 13,86m x 2,55m x 2,75m
• 10 container carriers– 13.86m x 2.50m
• 10 refrigerator-trailers -14,04m x 2,11m x 2,9m